Depression Treatment

Depression Treament Brisbane

Most people at some time in their lives in Brisbane will suffer from depression. 1 in 10 people will suffer from to chronic depression and will need some sort of depression counselling. In most cases this can be done by talking to a Psychologist. Depression Brisbane can be caused by a lot of reasons. Sometimes the depression can be linked to a psychical condition or run down health, or can also be triggered by environmental or life style choices.

I like to treat depression through a process of assessing the clients entire lifestyle and lifestyle choices. Depression is a crippling disease that in it's most sever case can lead to suicidal or self harming thoughts. In these severe cases I would usually recommend seeing your G.P. and getting a referral to a Psychiatrist and going on a coarse of medication. Often a Psychiatrist will also recommend depression counselling with a fully qualified Psychologist to get to the source of the depression.



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